The Future Of Innovation....developing Solutions Which Will Create Resources & Not Deplete Them

Mr. Neeraj Jain

Ever wondered about the domino effect of one wrong decision/idea which may lead to the creation of multiple misfits & effect the lives of people, nation & even world? Was the invention of motor car based on fossil fuels a good innovation? Although it provides benefit of commuting it also pollutes the environment and causes diseases. The direct benefit seems to be less than the indirect damage it is doing in the long run. So was this innovation healthy for the society?

I believe that the future of innovation will be the solutions that will create multiple positive impacts on users, businesses & society. These solutions, instead of depleting resources, will create more resources which will be beneficial for various stakeholders in the society. For example, can there be a transportation mode which instead of polluting the environmen will actually be good to the environment?  In the field of education these will be the solutions that will not only educate children but will make them creative so that they can learn how to use resources creatively inorder to create opportunities. In the field of garbage disposal, these ideas will not only induce people not to use plastic bags but will create profitable businesses which will award people for not using the same. In the field of health & nutrition, these will be the ideas that will enable every individual to be competent & knowledgeable enough for his/her basic healthcare thus reducing dependence on health facilities for basic tasks & improving their productivity on critical situations.  

I think these futuristic ideas will cater to the real needs of people. This I believe will come from being empathetic to their needs & issues. I believe these ideas will be created by people who will use both their decision attitude & design attitude. I believe the future of Innovation will be created by design thinkers taking a human centered approach.  


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Mr. Neeraj  Jain

Mr. Neeraj Jain

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