The Future Of Innovation… Creating Its Own Culture

Mr Rafael García Escarré


In every social group culture is at the root of explanation homogeneous behaviour. In a company firm culture explains an effective way of doing things through homogeneous behaviour.

Creating an innovation culture is something that is at the forefront of a lot of CEOs but few have been able to develop and consolidate it inside their organizations. Innovation is about challenging and changing the status quo, outside the firm with new goods and services that hit the competition, or inside the firm with new working rules; and that's not easy to do; moreover, it is difficult to keep it up for a long time. In a world as complex and competitive as ours, those firm that are able to build an innovation culture are more competitive and a good example for everyone.

The bricks with which to build an innovation culture are the creativity attitudes, but also the disciplinary ones; it is necessary to have a fun environment, but also a soul of overcoming obstacles; it is about individual imagination, but also about individuals collaborating; it is about risk but as the other side of the same coin it is about success. The innovation culture is a culture of shared aspirations, and efforts to be the best in being different.          

The best tool to show the positive effects that an innovation culture can provide to a firm, and to overcome the individual and group barriers erected against changing the status quo, is moving the future into the present.  It is about developing experiences with the people in a controlled innovation environment, as if they were working in a innovation culture context, and living the positive effects of such environment for themselves. To live in an innovative context, as a 'learning by doing' experience through innovative projects, for example, builds a positive effect inside the individuals and groups, showing emergent attitudes and behaviours and convincing people on the positive effects of living in a innovation cultural context.     

The future of innovation is linked with a firm's sociological development, with the cultural phenomena analysis (intra and inter) firm organization, to get a formula that provides the energy to avoid the inertial behaviour of individuals and firms in their aspiration to be competitive being different.

Firms have a challenge for the coming years: innovation becoming another standard business activity. For this, the innovation culture is an excellent lever. And that's the firms challenge, and that's the best way for the future of the innovation.


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Mr Rafael  García Escarré

Mr Rafael García Escarré

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