The Future Of Innovation ... Identifying And Overcoming Barriers To Creating Strategic Value

Mr Andrew Gaule

The future of innovation needs some key issues to be addressed otherwise innovation will always be seen as peripheral to an organisation.

More strategic thinking in the organisation for the people who are seeing new technology, new business models and disruptive innovation (Scout Bees) to have a route and method of communication to the senior executives who are leading the strategy and direction of the business (the Queen Bees).

More Open approaches to innovation which do not frighten potential partners with lawyers and processes before ideas are explored.

Better means of being entrepreneurial and learning from their innovations so that new business models and technologies can be delivered. Not just seeing a project as a failure.

Learn to be more nimble and open to ideas from outside as it will allow your organisation to grasp new business opportunities. Do not let a David take the market that you have.

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Mr Andrew Gaule

Mr Andrew Gaule

affiliation:   Corven

position:  Director Innovation and H-I Network

country:  United Kingdom

area of interest:  Disruptive innovation, Corporate Venturing

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