The Future Of Innovation ... Silence Please, We Are Thinking

Dr Mehraz Boolaky

Innovation and entrepreneurship are so closely linked that more often than not the usual outcome of this link is success and sustained success for the ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs. Innovation is to these entrepreneurs like a divine force that anchors solidly in their mind, voir psychological state. “Entrepreneurial managers” or “entrepreneurs” draw from this force such an amount of energy that they are tireless and willing (or perhaps it is not even a question of willingness) to work long and abnormal hours without even feeling the need to eat, drink, rest and sleep. This force further propels them to persist (they do not give up easily!) and strive to find ways and means to pursue the path or journey of creation and innovation so as to sustain their activities and business.

Innovative entrepreneurs seldom rely on ready made solutions for solving problems: they trust their savoir faire and debrouillardise to drive through the problems smoothly and resolutely. Innovation and creativity give them the last second ideas and inspiration to find release from entangled situations that they often find themselves in. Do they learn their lessons from such problematic situations – no! They soon embark in other risky situations and endeavours with such confidence that risk hardly find any significance in their life – they become the everyday risk takers with so to say everyday new ideas to start the day and create satisfaction and delight. They are restless – they cannot sit still, they cannot wait, they want actions and things to happen the next moment and the next day. They are always on the drive and ready to assume. If one query about the driving force one might find out that the answer is closely associated with the power of innovation and creativity. These entrepreneurs hardly sleep and they often talk through the night to themselves in their dreams (or whatever physical state that might be ascribed to this) about their current and future projects. The “what next” to improve and innovate is inherent in their mind and that quite often irrespective of what competition is doing or trying to do. They fence their way to achieve their self defined goals that are nothing but sustained customer satisfaction and delight. Indeed delighting their customers and exceeding expectations to condition them to remain loyal and make repeat purchases over time seem to be their main reasons for living. To them innovation is eternal and immortal; a thrust that drives and guides the things they do, the actions and activities they undertake. Innovation inspires them to create, destroy, create again, and destroy again repeatedly. Innovation gives them hope, frustration, and hope again. Taken from this perspective, innovation reflects ambition, a fervent desire to do better and feel better. As mentioned earlier, innovation then becomes a psychological force and a state of mind that drives forward lookingness, confidence, and trust.

The foregoing suggests that innovative entrepreneurs (or any other businessmen) face various problems in running their ventures. This raises the fundamental issue: Why problems or problematic situations? The answer perhaps lies in the fact that innovation requires change and change requires new ways of thinking and creating. Has it not been acknowledged that change is the only process that is permanent in our life? Where does entrepreneurship reside in this process? And what is the link with innovation?

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Dr Mehraz Boolaky

Dr Mehraz Boolaky

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