The Future Of Innovation ... The Power Of Society Development

Mr Sorin Cosmulescu

Innovation is synonymous to operational creativity. Every new stage in the development of human society is the outcome of sequences of innovative steps, be it small or large, well-known or anonymous, easily accepted or controversial.

Human development is innovation itself.


Mankind is heading towards future, progress and modernization, both aware and unaware, with a series of results:

Innovation will create jobs;

Innovation will save lives;

Innovation will create new food, more healthy and nutritional;

Innovation will help save the environment;

Innovation will be subject in the primary school etc.

In using innovation we may be able to obtain clear guidance, forecast or solutions to especially difficult problems, by combining individual creativity with team/collective creativity.

Innovation is the vision of future: it creates team action and society action with a view to understanding, organizing and participating of every team member within organization, to multiple actions, in order to boost business performances within the global competition. To be first in your business, you must think to the future, you must innovate. When we work in our business, we must innovate; we must change our way of thinking, way of working, ie to apply innovation in the business process... Innovation will help us put into practice revolutionary methods. Innovation will change our way of thinking and will help us to beat our habits and repetitive actions that are so unproductive... Innovation will help us understanding the methods for business process improvement, and more important, in doing immediate action, not just words... When thought changes into action, then we have innovative action.

In the future, innovative people will help and persuade their team mates to trust themselves and the team, to trust innovation and apply immediate innovative action in the business process.


Innovation helps us in several ways:

Team members feel positively;

Team members trust they can act a proper, real action;

They get satisfaction for a properly done action;

Optimizing the state of mind.

It is also proven that innovation helps us discover losses or waste of resources. A small idea can bring about a technical revolution. Therefore each and every small idea is important and it matters.

Innovation always has a number of key rules, among which we may cite:

Avoid and reject preconceived ideas;

Think about how to solve the problem, not the other way round.

Innovation has the role to facilitate finding out simpler and more efficient methods to get new solutions, better than before and put them into practice.

As the number of innovative suggestions and methods proposed grows, so does the possibility increase to reach potentially optimal solutions.

In conclusion, innovation assures the contact with the future. Innovation is the future applied in our everyday actions.

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Mr Sorin Cosmulescu

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