The Future Of Innovation Is Unpredictable

Mr Robson Luiz Schiefler

The innovations can lead us to an infinite sort of scenarios. This is the prize for everyone who decided to deal with this matter.

The cyclic crises, which periodically engulf our planet, demonstrate that only countries, companies or individuals with aptitude to innovate are able to manage a scenario where the set of variables is immense and the correlation between them is sparse.

The learning provided by the consistent steps on the innovation path is the support for those who, on a day by day routine, face the challenges of unpredictable.

The previous statements lead us to a positive convergence: people, challenges and environment. Each one of these factors can foment the rising of initiatives focused on Innovation, but only foment. To uphold an entire culture of Innovation, a lot more is needed.

To keep the basics on focus:

People with a natural vocation for results, especially new ones are an inestimable asset.

The right challenges with the right amount of difficulty and potential of reward.

The maintenance of a positive environment where ethics, good will and knowledge flow smoothly is the final key factor.

These three factors together can lead us to the future of innovation, which is unpredictable. The unpredictable is not a frightening reality; it is just a myriad of scenarios, which are feasible.

The Present uncertain is calling for action!

The absence of action leads to no scenario.

The action starts a journey….

The journey, with the right resources, through the innovation route is the only one which can lead us to, at least, one bright scenario.

Innovation is more than a state of mind It is a state of spirit! Take your passport, not to travel but to the Future!

Article © 2009 Mr Robson Luiz Schiefler. All rights reserved.

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Mr Robson Luiz Schiefler

Mr Robson Luiz Schiefler

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