The Future Of Innovation ...

Mr Patrick Poitevin

Why trying to define or catagorise innovation? Why trying to understand and put it in a glossary? Innovation is timeless.

There is not just a thing as innovation. Somewhere, sometime, it is or it has been available. Maybe not in your own field, maybe not in your own invironment or industry. Look broad, cross industry, combine. It might have been done in nature; Biomimetics.

Innovation is more broad as we think. It is not only about creativity, newness or about patents. Applying innovation is creativity in design, concept, material science, environmental, improvements, changes, value engineering and cost savings.

It is betting not knowing the topic or issue. Not getting absorbt in the system with opinions, constraints, culture, obligatories. Know where to look, where to find the science. Collaboration, relations and networking, is in future of innovation.

Focus on the solution, not the problem. Believe to find, to improve, to create, to innovate. Do not give up. Re-consider and keep challenging.

Engage and commit for yourself. It is not a job, it is a 24/7 marriage. Never switch off. Not in exploration, not in networking, not in finding solutions. It is a passion, a hunger for newness and open minded for changes and being bold.

Understand the needs. Look for trends in any area and map the future. What is not available today or needed tomorrow, might be available in the future. The future is near.

Consider economical, political, social or environmental changes. Challenge technologies and explore any kind or type of road map. Visit and re-visit and use or abuse in the area you would like to implement.

Observe behaviours of all kind, any gender, any age. Tune in on the gaps and the needs. Look and compare with nature. Innovation is not just on packaging or a product. It can be innovation on a process, a behaviour.

Face and absorb negative reactions. It is part of the process. Treat them as food for thought and never give up. Park if necessary and re-visit at a late rstage. What might not be relevant at the moment, can be of use at any time in the future.

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Mr Patrick Poitevin

Mr Patrick Poitevin

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