The Future Of Innovation: A Leverage For Sustainable Development And Social Inclusion

Ms Olimpia Salas

Innovation continues to play a key role as leverage for sustainable development, social inclusion and peace, for its unique potential to generate intangibles and tangibles social changes, for reducing the gap of competitiveness, an uneven between knowledge-rich and knowledge-poor countries, environmental risks, conflicts, terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism.

The horizon for innovation is full of challenges and opportunities, we in this field have a responsibility to create more awareness of the complex world in which we are living today, and the implications for saving tomorrow´s planet, by helping governments, and corporate and society to draft spurring sustainable polices and efforts.

Knowledge and collaboration are the key for continuing innovation and integration of regions, the virtual workforce are bringing structural transformations, and Knowledge has displaced capital as the key to organization success, the human capital has become the intangible assets of long-lasting business, organizations or group results, optimizing people and their intellectual and spiritual wealth.

The intensive indoctrination at any age, gender, or educational level has helped to overcome deeply rooted old routines, foster the values and behaviors of the culture of the innovation as part of the natural way of functioning in a modern organization and institutions, therefore, Innovation has become a norm in our society.

Global meetings have reinforced the culture of innovation, cultivating the tremendous Knowledge and innovation potential and the leap frog to generate more commitment, ethics and truly social responsibility for the different social actors for mutual success.

Innovation technology revolution creates more conditions for developing sustainable policies and attracting resources and investment of multilateral and multinationals funds for information technologies, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, and welfare and environmental stewardship programs for knowledge transferring in rural and in agricultural villages.

Healthcare, living longer and healthier lives continues to be a quest for innovation, the searching for alternatives ways for disease and epidemics prevention, ways of how the healthcare is provided and delivered, and the pharmaceutical industry social responsibility.

Environmental innovations has made radical changes on how to take care of the planet, thanks to augment of the green and blues generations, people, companies and customers emphasizing the importance of living in harmony with the earth.

The lesson learnt of the financial crisis has lead to financial innovations, which allows collaboration among public and private sectors leaders to develop new global financial system based on common regulatory polices, efficient technologies, trust, ethic, transparency and collaboration for competiveness.

Innovation is the catalyst element for Peace by helping activism and world leaders to achieve Innovative ways of dialogs and agreements to align commercial and social interest, and to light up the potential of the knowledge and innovation wealth that every one is proviedding for more prosperity in the earth, transforming societies with reduction of poverty, social exclusion, extremism and conflicts.

Innovation continues to pursue the deep of the sea, and the infinity of the space, searching for the unknown marine reservoirs of healthcare and nutrition, genetic manipulation, preventable diseases, and alternative sources of energy which definitely prevent the destruction of our planet.

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Ms Olimpia Salas

Ms Olimpia Salas

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