The Future Of Innovation Is About Eco-innovation

Dr Jun Jin


The future of innovation is about eco-innovation, and a low carbon innovation, which is an innovation with the performance of environment benefits, energy saving and sustainable development. When we decide to conduct an innovation, instead of the economic performance and technology advanced of innovation, the environment performance, the impact on climate change and energy cost is the priority issue we consider. Therefore, maybe we do not use the latest technology, the latest method, and the highest technology. We use a technology in an un-considerable place to play an un-considerable role, such as to find a new usage and new market. This is the future of innovation, which is not all high cost and high risk. It is a disruptive innovation, and a low cost innovation.

To effort to achieve the goal of low-carbon, many innovation and R&D activities in future happen in issues relative to environmental protection, addressing climate change and the development and usage of new energy in all sectors. It emphasizes the harmony between the nature and men. In addition, since the world is flat, all countries and regions are asked to cooperate in eco-innovation and low carbon innovation for the same objective: world sustainability.

The future of innovation is a boundless innovation, across the regional / national border, across disciplines, and cross the industry border. It is a collective innovation with actors from different sectors and different regions. The future of innovation works in an innovation network. It will be never a job of individual persons or individual organizations again. It will not ask an individual organization or an industry to master all capabilities and all technologies needed in an innovation. In sum, the future of innovation is an open innovation that an organization conducts innovative activities use all human resources, technology resources, and others in the world with all possible partners. To do it, a successful organization should improve their dynamic capabilities to access and master opportunities, and must have a strong capability to destruct and reconstruct a technology or a product, in effort to sustain its competitiveness. In other words, if an organization controlled a key element of a product chain, it will succeed and keep its leading position. Therefore, the future of innovation focuses on the development of new business model, the organizational innovation, and the service innovation.

The future of innovation will happen more often in developing countries since there is much more large market and potentials in developing countries than that in developed countries. More surprised new usage and potentials of current innovation or out-date technologies will be found here. It means that more innovation in the future will be the disruptive innovation with a low cost and innovation from the bottom of pyramid.

In short, the future of innovation is an open innovation with considering the climate change issues, environmental benefits, energy saving and sustainable development. And, the future of innovation system is an open eco-innovation system. It is a worldwide collective innovation.


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Dr Jun Jin

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