The Future Of Innovation ... Personal Communication Of Values

Mr Georg Obermaier

The future oOf innovation is characterized by personal communication and just personal communication of values.

Right now we just passed a critical milestone in the age of biophotonics, tissue engineering, grid computing, nanotechnology and other emergent key technologies with sophisticated knowledge in hand to stimulate a new market revolution: achieve a higher level of mastery in the generation, the control and the use of novel key technologies which will be fully exploited to establish a broad range of innovative market applications. Now that we have the technological means and insights to enhance the quality of tomorrow’s daily life we lack of competences to utilize our technological skills for innovations. Since the main drive for innovation is not just technological knowledge but also non-technological insights, we are strongly convinced that this is the future of innovation. To clearly specify these soft innovation drivers we have to return to the native roots of innovation pointing out its behavioral aspects.

Innovation is something new and useful. It originates from society and is dedicated to society. Hence, the nature of society forms the character of innovation which implies that the social cohesion plays an important role to create and establish innovations. By this, social cohesion is nothing else then social interaction based on the principles of social communication. Communication is thereby recognized as a process by which we assign and convey sense and meaning. The attempt of communication is to create a shared understanding implying if there is no communication there is no innovation. The power of communication brings people together, gathers individualists to partners, converts talks into dialogues and turns transactions into relationships. That's why there is the belief to the future that innovation will be just achieved by social interaction which itself depends on social communication. However, communication is a complex, multifaceted and inhomogeneous appearance meaning that different ways of communication exists. As already mentioned, innovation originates and is dedicated to mankind implying that communication is a skill of human beings. One will say that personal communication is the most efficient and richest form of communication because it is immediate, individual and fast. It avoids discrepancies and disagreements, it reduces uncertainties and equivocalities and it is expressive in signs, symbols and voices. Thus, personal communication generates and provides values of richness such that needs and expectations for innovations are completely fulfilled.

Finally, it is to conclude that the crucial element for the future of innovation is personal communication and just personal communication of values.

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Mr Georg Obermaier

Mr Georg Obermaier

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