The Future Of Innovation In Construction Management

Mr Farrukh Arif

In construction management, I think there is a lot to be done in the field of construction management regarding the ‘innovation’. People think of using high-tech equipment, composite material, and state of the art technology as innovation. In my point of view this is only an ‘element of innovation in construction management’ rather than ‘complete innovation.’

What I think the future of innovation in construction management will be a term that I define as ‘integrated innovation’. By integrated innovation I mean ‘innovative planning and management of the prime factors of time, cost, quality and resources integrated with the new technology and solutions and proper communication.’ It might be a new term but, I hope, in future planners and managers will use it more often in their works.

Integrated innovation will comprise of such planning tools techniques that will result in minimizing the costs (Specially through elimination of the reworks) and optimizing the allocation of resources. That in turn will result in fulfilling the schedules and gaining high quality. This could be achieved by identifying certain elements of construction that can be produced in the factories and used in construction using the JIT (just in time concept). The elements have to be identified by the managers in every project based on the project characteristics thus finding the element to be replaced is a customized innovative process.

Another important area of utilization of integrated innovation will be the on site management of the managers. Innovative steps have to be taken by the managers so that facility under construction can be used side by side during the construction process. This will reduce the payback period of capital investment. Also if the facility is being used simultaneously its utility may be further enhanced. All this will require innovation with lots of integration between the end users, the designer, contractors and managers to achieve the goal.

Many points in the above discussion may look pretty normal but on ground these will be a tough task to achieve and will require innovation and integration and this ‘Integrated innovation’ is what I think the ‘Future of Innovation is’

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Mr Farrukh Arif

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