The Future Of Innovation - E-co-creating A Prosperous And Happy Future

Ms Eunika Mercier-Laurent

Toward To Innovation 4d

To talk about the future of innovation we should imagine the future and be also inspired by the best from the past. In the context of today economics, innovation is considered as the magic wand able of miraculous changes in the global world. It has to create jobs and growth, increase the companies’ productivity, help in better use of natural resources, produce better and more affordable public services, including health and safety, and workable solutions for the ageing population, contribute to a high-quality education system and help solving global warming and climate changes. Maybe we ask too much? Could it really happen? What are the conditions to make it happen? What kind of investment is necessary?

First of all we need to innovate in the way of thinking. We live in the global world, dealing with eco-systems, talking about Knowledge Society and still classifying things and working separately in the narrow domains considering technological innovation mainly. The “info-nano-bio” initiatives are in fashion around the world, but usually disconnected with what Zhouying Jin call Soft Technology. Some initiatives emerge such as organizational, social or ecologic innovation but main actors are specialised in their domains and talking their specific languages. In the EC programs innovation is mainly research related and about technology, however few multidisciplinary initiatives appear. Europe is still watching their competitors in the US and in Japan.

According to my definition innovation is a process from idea to sustainable success. Innovation capacity is mainly measured in number of PhDs, patents, publications and not in term of benefits it can bring to humanity without impacting eco-systems. The future of innovation depends on our capacity to innovate in the way we think, use resources, move, manage, work and learn. That’s why the education systems have a great role to play in switching from “in the box thinking” to system, global and holistic ones, in freeing imagination, in creating a common innovation language.

The ecology movement can be one of enablers at the condition to expand the eco-industry and eco-technology into a cross e-co-innovation. ICT can bring a considerable help to the future of innovation. New generation of Artificial Intelligence, including convergence of natural intelligences, will allow us to be more intelligent together. Another meaning of ICT could be Intelligent and Creative Technology. Innovation may address needs, make dreams come true or create new needs. What could be the future needs and dreams of humanity? Good health, comfortable life, friends, be respected, peace, elixir of youth, more intelligence, travel to Mars, or simply having something to eat?

Briefly my vision of the Future of Innovation is following:

Connected human knowledge cultivators work in perfect synergy with the artificial knowledge processors. They learn from each other. Computers (All electronic devices able to help humans in their activities) help people by performing the tasks difficult or impossible for human to do in the world where the biological, social and machine components are well balanced, are sustainable indefinitely without destroying the environment, and enhance the human condition.

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