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Would you like to share your thoughts on The Future of Innovation? This is the place to do it.

Like our other contributors you have 500 words (and we are fairly exact on this) to express your thoughts. Perhaps a few words of guidance; we are looking for:

  • single-author contributions
  • your thoughts straight from the heart
  • as we are looking for dreams, visions, personal views please note that you need not provide references or ‘proof’

Here you can find some frequently asked questions (FAQ), and our replies.

Use the form provided below. Please make sure to fill in all fields to avoid any delays – and don’t forget the photo.

Have you completed the form? Marvellous, Bettina and Anna are looking forward to reading your thoughts, and, unless there are some strong objections, will aim to upload your thoughts within 1 week of submission.


  1. Please submit a high resolution photo (ideally 1 to 2MB as a JPEG, GIF or PNG).
  2. If you belong to more than one affiliation or you have more than one occupation, please provide the primary one.
  3. The area you indicate (for instance, discontinuous or product innovations or innovation management, etc.) will be linked with the index and keywords information providing the readers with the focus you concentrate on in your panorama of the Future of Innovation. If you have several areas of interest, please provide no more than two. Please ensure that these keywords are covered in the main text-body of your Future of Innovation statement.
  4. Please complete this statement / use ‘The Future of Innovation’ as part of your title

Please copy text from the image to line below:

By submitting this form I agree for my contribution and photo to be uploaded to website, and consent to any minor editing by the site’s administrators if this will improve the grammar or English.

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